Walker Versus Rollator

Mobility problems - they can be hard to maneuver. 

If you find yourself having difficulties getting around, you may feel trapped and frustrated. Relying on someone to provide you an arm to hold even if you're simply walking to the kitchen can make one feel less independent. You may also feel like using a walker will make you less cool. Well listen, we think that you're still cool. In fact, we think that using a walker to feel more secure and ensure that your risk of injury is lessened is really cool. Walkers and Rollators are a trusted solution to you or your loved ones mobility concerns. They provide reliable support, stability, and we can help find the best option for you. 

Have you ever considered what using a walker would mean to you?

The tools are a support mechanism for those who have trouble balancing on their own, feel they are at risk of falling, or are easily fatigued by moving around. 

There are a lot of options - so let's get down to which would suit you (or your loved one) best. First, lets consider a couple of things. 

  • Stability and Balance
    • Products with wheels may be more difficult to handle for patients with limited balance. 
  • Upper Body Strength 
    • Does the patient have upper body strength and endurance? Some walking require repeated lifted. Search for lightweight - but durable - options. 
  • Space
    • Walkers and rollators can take up a lot of room. If you are travelling frequently or don't have a lot of space to maneuver what may be a "clunky" tool you should consider fold-able options. 
  • Height 
    • Majority of walkers and rollators have self-adjustment features that may or may not require tools. If you don't see that within it's description, make sure you check the measurements to ensure it is a comfortable fit.

standard walker has a large base with nonslip feet. While they are often lightweight, the entire walker must be picked up in order to move forward.

  • using a standard walker requires arm strength.
  • this tool is considered the most stable option. 
  • can be very compact, great for maneuvering small spaces. 

hybrid walker has two wheels with non slip back feet. This eliminates having to pick up the entire walker, tilting it forward with minimal lifting to move forward.

  • good for those who need support but may not be stable or have enough balance for a rollator. 
  • this tool requires moderate mobility and stability.

hemi walker is a mixture between a walker and a cane. A more narrow option, it functions much like a cane or crutch as it is used on one side of the body - opposite of the weaker leg or side. 

  • good for those recovering from surgery or injury on a single lower extremity. 
  • this option is beneficial for increasing daily activity and improving cardiovascular fitness.  

rollator is easy to maneuver, with four or three wheels at the feet and hand brakes for assuring control.

  • offer the most mobility. 
  • often have padded seat and a backrest. 
  • may also have storage capacity for personal items. 
  • tend to be larger, not great for very small spaces. 

Now that you know just what to look for, let's see which of our top picks suit you best. 

This lightweight aluminum frame hyrbid walker has height adjustment from 80 cm to 97 cm (31.5'' - 38.2''). Two 5 inch wheels and non slip back feet, the push-down braking system and a 300 lb weight capacity ensures control and can support all of your weight. It folds independently for storing and travel.

Also consider for more weight capacity: Cardinal Health Bariatric Heavy-Duty Folding Walker with Wheels 

Check out this walker with a seat: PMI ProBasics Two Button Folding Walker with Wheels and Roll Up Seat

McKesson 4 Wheel Rollator, Lightweight Folding Steel Frame

This four wheel rollator comes with height adjustment features, a bike-like braking system, an oversized padded seat and backrest, and a convenient basket for personal items. It has a 300 lbs capacity and is made of steel - making it incredibly durable. Apart from that, it's large 7 inch wheels make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. (and it comes in red or blue, how stylish.) 

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