Pads, Liners, and Guards

Diapers not for you?

Even if you don't need adult underwear - you may still need leakage protection and security.  

Pads, Liners, Guards and more. 

Incontinence management does not just end with a diaper. There are other solutions that have qualities of discretion and security. Pads, liners, and guards can serve to be a first line of defense. They provide security and absorbency in addition to your diaper or you can utilize them alone . If you are dealing with a case of light  incontinence - a pad may be just right for you. While pads are unisex, men may feel more comfortable if they use the male specific guard as a solution. Liners are for very light incontinence and are not suggested to be used as a single source of management. With an adhesive backing to stick to underwear, each of these absorbent inserts are made of soft fabric that is designed to absorb liquid and securely hold it. 
There are a couple of options depending on the length, shape you need. Apart from that, there are also different lengths and shape features that may suit your individual comfort more than a standard pad or guard. 


There are many options when it comes to suiting your individual need and comfort. 

  • Rectangular Pads - rectangular shape, less bulky, limited contour in form with body. Good for light leaks. (Our Pick)
  • Shaped Pads - shape forms with contour of the body for comfort. More absorbent capacity that makes them bulkier than rectangular pads. (Our Pick)  
  • Long and Extra Long Pads - can come in both a rectangular or shaped style. Note that the length of the pad also gives an idea about the pads level of absorbency. For example, a 9" length pad may have very light capacity while the average 11" has moderate absorbency and 13" (and above) has the highest capacity for liquid. (Our Pick) 
  • Male Guard or Shield - male specific protection with a design catered specifically for the male anatomy.(Our Pick)   

Need more than just a diaper?

If you do wear diapers but feel like you may need extra security - here is some advice. 

Try Underx Underwear or Briefs. This brand has an XFit design feature that considers an individuals body shape. If you have had experiences with leakage because an underwear is not snug enough on your legs, you're not alone. You may need extra security in your leg cuffs to prevent this, that's where Underx and it's XFit design comes in. Proper sizing is very important when it comes to an effective underwear or brief. 

Double up on the security and reduce the number of diapers you have to use with a booster pad. 

Unlike a regular pad, guard, or liner that is worn with regular underwear, a booster pad is an insert that sticks directly to your diaper. They are intended to provide extra security by absorbing liquid before it even comes into contact with the diaper. Not only does this provide the opportunity for extended wear of any diaper but it also can serve to double up the level of absorbency. 

Our top pick: 


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