Let's Talk Diapers

If you're feeling like you need more coverage, consider the next step. 

If you have begun to feel like your pad, liner, or guard has become less effective for you overtime, you may want to begin considering the benefits of wearing an adult diaper. Now, I know what you're thinking. Me? A diaper? I'm an adult, I can make it to the bathroom, I don't want people to know. We understand the stigma behind switching to a diaper as the new form of management to your incontinence. We also understand that incontinence is out of your control and is a circumstance that many have to face. So listen, wearing an adult diaper is not something to be embarrassed about. Think about it like this: 

You are taking back control. You can be confident that you don't need to miss out on your walk, your brunch, your grandchild's swim meet, and important minutes of Jeopardy.  And you can be confident that you won't have an accident that will further inconvenience your day. 

Diapers can be discreet, comfortable, and effective. Let's figure out what kind will suit your individual needs. 

Should I wear a brief or a pull up?

There are two kinds of diapers. A brief or tab style and a pull up or underwear. The brief offers a solution for those who are less mobile and allows for a change without having to fully take off clothing during a change. Apart from that, they are designed to be extremely absorbent and handle a full void. 

The pull up on the other hand is good for those who manage their own care. They are designed with features for leakage protection, comfort, and conveniently slide on like a pair of underwear. 

The most notable differences between the two are that the brief can be changed without taking off clothes, suited for people who need assistance, and the entirety of the diaper is absorbent for fecal incontinence too. Meanwhile the pull up is like a pair of underwear, no tabs to worry about coming loose, and are primarily for urine absorption.

So, if you're mobile and personally manage your symptoms the pull on is a good choice for you. But keep in mind, if you suffer from fecal incontinence you may want to consider wearing a booster pad in addition to your pull on.

If you or your loved one is less mobile, requires assistance, and suffers from universal incontinence you may want to consider the brief or tab style diaper for the convenience and level of absorbency. If you or your loved one is oftentimes laying down - the brief allows you to roll a patient to their side or slightly lift their hips while the pull on requires clothing removal. 

Our Expert Opinion 

Majority of our customers decide to go with a pull-on diaper, specifically our Unique Wellness Absorbent UnderwearThat being said, it doesn't necessarily mean that is what's best for you. We suggest that you become aware of the benefits of both options before making a decision - and go ahead and call us so we can help you decide. 

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