Guide to Sleeping Through the Night

Many customers feel self-conscious about this particular issue, but we want to assure you - we understand and you're not alone. Night-time incontinence affects a lot of people over the age of 55 and even adults after 30. Let's talk about how you can be more comfortable, sleep through the night, and better enjoy your wake-up routine.

Does having to use the bathroom wake you up in the night? Again, interrupting a lovely dream (unless it was a nightmare, thankfully you had to pee right?).

Does it greet you in the morning with an uncomfortable feeling, a not-so-nice odor, or a wet mess? Well we have the perfect product for you! Seriously, we do.

The first step is finding an overnight underwear that you can be confident in. And then - well you'll see. 

Here are some of our solutions with the highest customer satisfaction rates.

Unique Wellness Absorbent Underwear (Pull-On) with NASA Technology 

Even though this particular diaper does not is not designated as an "overnight" underwear, it get's the job done. And, it is more efficient than any other diaper we currently sell. Designed to last 8 hours using technology similar to the designs used by astronauts in space for long missions. That's a durable diaper - you'll  worry about changing it only 2 to 3 times a day. We can guarantee that it will last you longer than any other conventional diaper. 

Tranquility Premium Over Night Disposable Absorbent Underwear 

We know this is a good choice for incontinence sufferers who want a good night's sleep free of interruption. The latex free full waist panel aims to maximize comfort and their super absorbent design is well suited to keep you comfortable all night. Each brief holds over a quart of liquid specifically for accident avoidance. 

TENA Super Overnight Heavy Absorbency Underwear

This underwear is called "Super" for a reason. With ConfioAir Full Breathable Technology, it is super comfortable. Apart from that it has the highest absorbency when compared to other non-bulky underwear - all with a soft and natural feel. Lastly, while some brands struggle to compensate for side sleepers, the W-shaped design curves to channel the liquid. Most absorbent TENA underwear available - lie down protection for worry-free nights (and days).

Abena Abri Flex Premium Protective Underwear, Completely Breathable, Overnight, 2400mL Absorbency

This underwear is for ultra heavy incontinence. It has a double absorbent core that collects wetness and draws it away from the skin to keep you feeling dry. It is non-woven, breathable, and has hydrophobic cuffs that help prevent leakages and form fit to the body. 

After you've decided just which type of underwear you think suits you best, consider another helpful incontinence product - the booster pad

While everyone uses booster pads differently, their purpose is to add extra absorbency to another product. Since most people who experience leaks do so at night, a booster pad is a beneficial addition to even the best diaper product. We want to put this product in the spotlight, considering it has excellent customer satisfaction and is inexpensive for it's quality. 

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad 14'' x 4'' 

This booster pad provides extra capacity with a flow-through system that collects fluids before passing them to the brief or pull on worn complementary to it.It also helps prevent skin irritation.
On another note, you can change your booster pad and not have to change your diaper. How convenient is that? Clean up is much easier when a booster pad is involved. 

Lastly, underpads and bedpads.

These products offer a barrier between a possible leak and your sheets and mattress. Oftentimes they have a soft absorbent top with a waterproof underside. You can put it on any layer of your bed in which you feel most comfortable. 

Cardinal Health Premium Disposable Underpad Maximum Absorbency, 31'' x 36''

This disposable underpad is made from soft material that is designed to be comfortable and non-irritating. We currently hold the most commonly used size that is used by hospitals and health professionals. (And we have a plaid version how cool is that?) This particular underpad is extremely durable. 

Cardinal Health Premium Disposable Underpad, Extra Absorbency, 30'' x 36'' 

While this underpad is not as durable as its counterpart, it does well in serving the same purpose as a last resort defense system against leakage. Apart from that it is much fluffier and provides more comfort when compared to the conventional underpad. 

In order to assure the most protection and limit the likelihood of a messy situation - we suggest having many different tools at your disposal until we can figure out what works the best for you (and at the most efficient price). 




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