The cost of incontinence can cut into your quality of life. A popular request from customers is for "value priced" diapers — those reducing out-of-pocket expense AND keeping the user dry while still offering a bounty of features. We set the threshold for "value" at under $1 per diaper (at a usage rate of 4 diapers per day, the out-of-pocket differential between a "good" value diaper and the most expensive Drugstore/Massmart diaper can be over $100/month). The cost of one of our highest rated choices is just 52 cents per when you buy in bulk. But keep in mind that it's important to balance price with absorbency, fit, activity level, comfort and style choices, such as pull-up vs. brief. With severe and overnight incontinence, the top-rated absorbent diapers might be a better value because you won't have to change them as often.